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Worldwide, approximately 17 billion items are returned every year. Prior to 2020, returns tended to spike in the beginning of the year due to post-holiday returns, putting additional stress on retailers to handle their surplus. However, as the demand for online shopping continues to grow, the retail industry is now seeing high return rates year-round, and retailers now need continual surplus management help.

Liquidity Services is your quick and easy solution for managing your surplus any time of year. We help manage all types of returns for our retail clients and accept returns from retail stores, consolidation centers, and even direct from consumers. Our experts help you maximize recovery by providing cost-effective, convenient, and flexible solutions.

Why Customers Love Working with Us

  • No payments - Liquidity Services writes YOU the checks
  • No obligations, loopholes, or fine print
  • Transparency - We’ll tell you how much you can recover on the spot
  • Maximize Recovery - Promote your goods to 4.9 million surplus buyers
  • Sell Items Faster - We'll help you with a multi-channel selling strategy

Our solutions are customized to you to meet your specific requirements including how much surplus you have, how you want to work with us, and how you want to sell your surplus:

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List ‘n’ Sell

The solution that delivers complete control to you or your team to easily promote listings to hundreds of thousands of buyers. We support you with marketing, sales strategies, dispute resolution, and settlement to help accelerate sales through B2B or B2C channels with the least amount of hassle.

just in time
Load ‘n’ Sell

Load a trailer with your surplus goods and our transportation team will pick it up and move it to a local trailer yard. We take the lead on listing the goods from there. A fast, quick, and simple solution that produces excellent economic results and frees space on demand.

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Warehouse ‘n’ Sell

When you want to stay focused on your core competencies, create space in your facility and/or maximize every dollar of recovery, this is your solution. We operate warehouses across North America specifically designed to optimize returns programs for some of the largest and best-known retailers in the world.


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