Liquidity Services vs. Other Retail Liquidators

Weighing your options for a retail liquidator? Your search stops here! Our experts help you maximize recovery on excess inventory (putting more money back in your pocket) by providing cost-effective, convenient, and flexible solutions. Stop overpaying for extra fees and start selling smarter with Liquidity Services.


Top Reasons to go with Liquidity Services

When it comes to selling your overstock, returned, and excess retail, our robust selling solutions, flexible service model, and dedicated account management team provide a more complete approach than the competition.

Robust Selling Strategy & Solutions

We offer multi-channel selling strategies. Sell your pallet, truckloads OR single units on multiple channel options, including B2C sales, B2B auctions, and B2B negotiated sales. Our team has 24 years of experience and will help select the best recovery method to yield the highest recovery.

No Hidden Fees

While competitors will nickel and dime you, our approach is no set up fee or no monthly fee. As an added bonus we can get you selling in 1 day compared to the time it takes our competitors (30 - 60 days).

Dedicated Customer Support

If you have worked with other liquidators, you’ve probably experienced an “on your own” approach to selling your excess inventory. Partner with us and you will have dedicated account management to assist you with setting up your account to selecting the right channel to sell.

Social Responsibility & Sustainability

Our strong focus on Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance means we run our business to the highest sustainability standards. We support sellers and buyers in their sustainability goals too. Let us be a trusted partner to ensure you met your environmental stewardship goals

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