In the Permian Basin, surplus is a reality.

And a magnificently underrated revenue generation opportunity.

Liquidity Services can help your organization turn its surplus assets into working capital.

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A remote area, challenging logistics, and the sheer scale of operations make the energy supply chain in the Permian Basin a challenge in the best of times. Factor in rising demand and a global supply chain shortage, and you have a significant burden being placed on energy operations in the Permian.

Shortages of so many formerly plentiful items have prompted many businesses to shift their focus from finding new resources to reusing merchandise and equipment. Enter surplus assets - a massively underrated revenue generation opportunity.


How do we help our clients?

1. Liquidity Services builds transparent, innovative, and highly effective marketplaces, reliably connecting buyers and sellers of surplus assets across the globe.

Liquidity Services has supported over $9 billion of completed transactions.

2. We serve the world’s largest organizations in every major sector of the economy. Our clients trust us with the design and management of large-scale asset recovery programs that support important sustainability and financial recovery goals.

In the Energy sector, Liquidity Services has topped $1 billion in client assets sold. 

3. Through our e-commerce marketplace platform, technology tools and services, we have empowered global organizations to achieve zero waste solutions for surplus and scrap items while generating revenue.

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Sample of our Energy Clients

Energy Company Realizes Tremendous Cost-Savings with Scrap and Surplus Program

A leading downstream energy company was challenged to manage an efficient enterprise-wide scrap and surplus program. Each of its refineries had separate processes for handling scrap and surplus, a lack of consistency that limited program efficiencies and recovery.

The company aimed to implement a scrap process across its enterprise that would maximize surplus and scrap recovery, streamline its program, and ensure all scrap and surplus opportunities were capitalized on. Three years later and we've generated nearly $13 million for their scrap.

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Oilfield Services Operator Utilizes Liquidity Services to Sell Rig at Higher Value 

All energy companies face the challenge of managing surplus assets, from shop equipment to pressure pumping trailers. Before partnering with Liquidity Services, our client sold surplus assets through a traditional onsite auction method, which required shipment to an auction site and limited the client to only “absolute” and “no reserve” auctions.

Seeking choice in solutions and to increase recovery levels, mitigate risk, and reduce resources spent on asset management, the client engaged Liquidity Services to sell its surplus on the secondary market. 

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The Liquidity Services team of dedicated energy industry experts offer a strategic, consultative approach to help manage, evaluate, and sell your outdated energy equipment for maximum value.

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